Saturday, May 10, 2014

Humming Pomp and Circumstance

One whole semester gone by...the last one that is. Yes, you read that correctly! The LAST semester! I graduated! Woohoo!
My little victory cry.

I chose not to walk and I chose not to have a celebration. All of that stuff doesn't mean much to me. Besides that, being the center of a party or the center of attention for strangers really isn't my cup of tea. I am just basking in the thoughts of achieving something that was really hard for me to reach. There always seemed to be some sort of obstacle I needed to get past. One (an injury) even slowed me down by about a year but I got there. I'm pretty damn proud of myself for moving through it all and reaching the end.

That being said, I definitely COULD have done it all without my DH but I certainly wouldn't have wanted to do any of it without him by my side supporting me. He became my rock when I really needed it and I will never forget that.

Congrats to all the awesome graduates this year! Amidst all your celebrating don't forget to relish the fact that you climbed that mountain.