Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The powerful two letter word "NO"

"No" is such a strong word for only being composed of two letters. That one word can devastate just about anyone at any given time. Yet, when it comes to my lovely little furbaby, he is completely oblivious to it! He is the sweetest dog. He loves to play with people and gets along with friendly people. He absolutely loves playing with kids and other dogs. He is a huge helper. If you drop something, he will gladly run over and pick it up and bring it to you. He knows when we say "Sit" that he should sit. He knows when we say "In" that we mean go inside the house. He also knows that when we ask him if he wants to go walk, he gets to go walk. However, for the life of me he just cannot figure out the word "No"! When I tell him no about the 5th time, I sometimes joke in a sarcastic monotone voice, "No, Toby. No, Toby. No, Toby. Good dog." even though he has yet to obey. It's humor to break the frustration because man it can be frustrating! He knows what we mean with many words and phrases, he just doesn't understand "No"......or does he? Hmm. Sometimes I feel he does know but he is being a clever little pup trying to get away what he can. Or am I reading too much into it?

He's just lucky he looks so damn cute while he ignores me or I'd have a bone to pick with him. :)

Mommy, look what I can do!