Thursday, July 25, 2013

I scream, he screams, we all scream for.....Cereal!

Yeah, that's right. Cereal.

I won a giveaway a few weeks or so ago for Honey Bunches of Oats Greek Honey Crunch. Up until this win I'd never tried this cereal before and, frankly, I was getting kind of tired of the usual Frosted Flakes for breakfast. So I was in desperation for a change in breakfast and it was a wonderful for me when I found out I won the cereal.

I received 2...not one...but 2 boxes of it and I was beyond thrilled to find that we just loved it! Even more importantly, I was beyond thrilled to find out that my DH loved it because that meant one more breakfast choice we could both enjoy. He was a little hesitant when he found out there was yogurt in it but wow he loved it! So, I let them know just how awesome it was. And then guess what happened.....

Just last week I received a very unexpected box in the mail from none other than the PR that was originally holding the giveaway! Inside the box was a lovely note stating that they heard I loved it so much they thought I should try to new Honey Bunches of Oats Greek Mixed Berry.....AND 2 boxes of this cereal! Wow! These people rock! And not only that but their cereal rocks!

Thank you for the delicious and new choices you've now brought into my days. :)

Here's to great breakfasts, great days, and fabulous people!