Thursday, July 25, 2013

I scream, he screams, we all scream for.....Cereal!

Yeah, that's right. Cereal.

I won a giveaway a few weeks or so ago for Honey Bunches of Oats Greek Honey Crunch. Up until this win I'd never tried this cereal before and, frankly, I was getting kind of tired of the usual Frosted Flakes for breakfast. So I was in desperation for a change in breakfast and it was a wonderful for me when I found out I won the cereal.

I received 2...not one...but 2 boxes of it and I was beyond thrilled to find that we just loved it! Even more importantly, I was beyond thrilled to find out that my DH loved it because that meant one more breakfast choice we could both enjoy. He was a little hesitant when he found out there was yogurt in it but wow he loved it! So, I let them know just how awesome it was. And then guess what happened.....

Just last week I received a very unexpected box in the mail from none other than the PR that was originally holding the giveaway! Inside the box was a lovely note stating that they heard I loved it so much they thought I should try to new Honey Bunches of Oats Greek Mixed Berry.....AND 2 boxes of this cereal! Wow! These people rock! And not only that but their cereal rocks!

Thank you for the delicious and new choices you've now brought into my days. :)

Here's to great breakfasts, great days, and fabulous people!

Monday, July 15, 2013

My Beautiful Creation

You know all those recipes you share on Facebook, the ones you always say yum to or maybe wish you had the supplies to make? Well, the other day I shared one called a No Bake Strawberry Icebox Cake. It looked to delicious! I'm crazy about strawberries. Absolutely crazy about fruit in general but oh those strawberries looked so good! In fact, they looked so good I actually remembered to get them at the store! *amazed*

So sparing you all the rambling and just posting what it looked like when I was done:

No Bake Strawberry Icebox Cake

Alright, it doesn't look nearly as great in this photo as it did in the one I got the recipe from but after I ate some of it I can honestly say I don't care. Yes, it was just that good! The recipe was so easy to make. It only called for graham crackers, cool whip, strawberries, and chocolate (to drizzle on top). I should mention though that it took me a little while to make but cutting up the strawberries is what took up most of the time. If you are an expert at slicing strawberries then you won't have to worry. :)

Oh, and if you just happen to want the recipe you can find it on this page So, How's It Taste?

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

9 Years!

On July 4th my DH and I celebrated our 9th Anniversary. I can hardly believe it. If someone had told me at the age of 20 that I would be married years from then for 9 going on 10 years I would have laughed in their face. Me get married? Ha! The idea at that age seemed unthinkable. I had HUGE plans to deal with and there was plenty of independence to be had!

Fast forward to today and I have to tell you that my life has never been better. My adventures in our 9 years of marriage are far from the ones I planned when I was 20 but they are indeed the best and I cannot image things turning out any other way.

So, for our Anniversary my parents took us out to eat. Very thoughtful of them! We stuffed ourselves with delicious meals from Olive Garden. Yum! I just have to say that our visit before this to Olive Garden was a huge disappointment. We were stuck in a corner without much service and vowing under our breath never to return. And we didn't....for a while. Then my parents took us on July 4th and we had such excellent service from a nice young lady. She was very attentive to us and we left with our bellies full of salad, breadsticks, and main courses...with desserts to go! It was fabulous and I thanked them for the fun! It's times like these that I will cherish years from now.

Afterwards, stuffed to the max, my DH and I took a walk. We walk every July 4th in the evening because that is the time we get to see fireworks. My husband says his usual, "I paid them to do that for our Anniversary." We chuckle and joke about it and continue on our way. If our Anniversary days ended any different, I would think something was wrong.

To my DH (when he reads this):
It's been a wonderful 9 years with you and I can only hope for many more like them. We go together like peanut butter and jelly!

Happy 9th Anniversary

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The powerful two letter word "NO"

"No" is such a strong word for only being composed of two letters. That one word can devastate just about anyone at any given time. Yet, when it comes to my lovely little furbaby, he is completely oblivious to it! He is the sweetest dog. He loves to play with people and gets along with friendly people. He absolutely loves playing with kids and other dogs. He is a huge helper. If you drop something, he will gladly run over and pick it up and bring it to you. He knows when we say "Sit" that he should sit. He knows when we say "In" that we mean go inside the house. He also knows that when we ask him if he wants to go walk, he gets to go walk. However, for the life of me he just cannot figure out the word "No"! When I tell him no about the 5th time, I sometimes joke in a sarcastic monotone voice, "No, Toby. No, Toby. No, Toby. Good dog." even though he has yet to obey. It's humor to break the frustration because man it can be frustrating! He knows what we mean with many words and phrases, he just doesn't understand "No"......or does he? Hmm. Sometimes I feel he does know but he is being a clever little pup trying to get away what he can. Or am I reading too much into it?

He's just lucky he looks so damn cute while he ignores me or I'd have a bone to pick with him. :)

Mommy, look what I can do!