Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Flippin' February the Bird

Oh what a month it has been.

On Super Bowl Sunday (and I only call it that because cant remember the date) I received a call from my stepmom. She was crying hysterically. My parents' home was burning to the ground and all they could do was stand there and watch. Thirty two years of memories and things passed down from parent to child. All gone in on day. Things they will never be able to replace and most of all their two beautiful cats, Miss Kitty and Precious. Their cars were in the driveway and are now melted and totaled in the front. It was one horrible nightmare you see on tv and never think it will happen to your family.

The fire started at the neighbors house. The fire chief says they had an entertainment center in the back room that was overloaded. I get so angry when I recall this because something so careless caused my parents' to lose everything they had.

They have since moved in with my DH and I. It's a little adjustment but we are making it work and we are so happy they made it out alive.

Shortly after this my DH gets laid up in bed from his sciatic nerve. He's been in pain for 5 days now. He had an MRI done today so hopefully when we get the results they won't be bad.

I've been a very busy bee. We've loaned my parents one of our cars since theirs was in the fire so we had to adjust our driving schedule to work around one vehicle. However, since my DH is in bed most of the time now I've had to run and do a lot myself on top of my regular schedule. It's been an adjustment to say the least.

You know where you can go, February.