Sunday, January 20, 2013

PetPals Program

It's that time of the month again! It's time for my post about the PetPals Program. And yes, it was awesome! This time I was paired with a woman named Samantha and her lovely dog, Charlie. We got off to a slow start but really it wasn't too bad. The holidays kept us busy along with illness but we both managed to get our packages sent out.

When Toby's package arrived, he was on it super fast!

He's circle around the package
like a shark. 

Sneaky boy! He's about to grab
and run in this photo.

He ran off with the rope toy.
First thing out of the bag.

I let him exam the package then opened up one side of it to let him sniff it. He then decided that he wanted what was in the package so he reached in grabbed the first thing he could and ran! I pulled out the other two toys one at a time so he could play with each of them. I think he had more fun than he did with the toys we bought him for Christmas! Eventually he got to sample to treats. Actually, he did more than just sample them because I think my DH gave him several of each of them.

Here are a couple more photos of him enjoying his toys. I just have to add that he really, really took to the little owl toy. It had a squeaky in it's head and the body made crinkling noises. This was the toy he carried around with him for several days and took to bed with him!

Playing with his little
Christmas Bulb Squeaky Toy.

Toby with his Owl. His ears are down because
he thought I was trying to get his owl
when I was taking this photo.

Last but definitely not least is the photo I took to show you all the neat little goodies he got for this PetPal month.

His goodie box for this month contained two treat bags, a rope toy, a squeaky Christmas Bulb, and a little owl that crinkles and squeaks.

I want to thank Samantha and Charlie for such an awesome package! Toby and I had a wonderful time opening up his box of goodies. I also want to thank Jenna for keeping such an awesome program going. It's been a great experience so far and I look forward to each month we get to do another exchange. If you want to know more about the PetPals Program just go to Momma Told Me - PetPals for all the information you need. Remember, you do *not* have to be a blogger to participate.