Monday, December 17, 2012

PetPals Program Rocks!

This is a little late because of the Holiday and end of classes but I was finally able to get it done! Yay!

Once again, I'm back to chat about the PetPals program and how wonderful it was! Can you tell I enjoy it? If you are new and don't know what PetPals is, just read a few more posts down for more information and a link to the site!

This time around I was paired up with a woman named Desi and her dog King. An adorable dog I might add. :)

Toby had many nice goodies in his box! Here is what he was sent this time around.

2 packages of PupCorn
1 package of Tiny Bonz
1 package of Dentastix
1 raw hide
1 ring chew toy

I don't know how Toby knows...wait, perhaps he smells the food. No matter, he just knows when that package is for him. Here's a photo of him digging around in the box once I got it open for him.

Toby digging in his goodie box.

Can you guess what his favorite item in this box was? :)

Toby snatching the Tiny Bonz out of my hand!

 It started out fine. I let him dig around and when I pulled the Tiny Bonz package out of the box he rushed over and grabbed them from me! Right out of my hand! Rotten boy!

Here he is dragging the package around on the floor.
He would run around with the package of Tiny Bonz in his mouth and shake it, stopping occasionally to try and paw it open. And no matter how much I called for him to bring them to me so I could open them he just wasn't listening. I eventually had to run him down to get the bag away from him. Haha Silly dog!

He loved all the snacks and the toy that Desi and King sent him! The only thing he couldn't have was the raw hide because he tends to eat it whole. However, his little cousin (my brother's younger Chiweenie, Bo) happily chewed on it in his place. It's been a blast! I met a wonderful woman and her adorable little dog and got to shop for him, too! Thank you, Jenna, for yet another monthly PetPals! On to the next, I say!