Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Voting is hectic

I'm taking extra classes this semester and it's proven to be a rather busy semester. I'm fine with that. It's what I wanted. I just didn't get to post this directly after I voted.

Did you vote? I did. I stood in line for 2 hours in a tiny warehouse-auditorium of a church. The line was wrapped around 3 times inside when I got there and by the time I was near the end to vote it was wrapped 7 times. Just picture a snake all twisted and wrapped inside a little box. Yes, that is what it was like. They were completely unprepared. I know this because one of the lady's doing sign in made a comment to another saying that she had never seen the lines like that before. The warehouse building was the type that they used for a gathering and had rooms attached to it but there were only 4 large fan/vents one on each wall and there was a large sliding door like warehouses usually have. Did I mention none of the fans were on? None. Did I also mention that the warehouse sliding door wasn't even open in the slightest? No, it sure wasn't. Did I forget to mention that it was hotter than heck in there? Yes, it was so hot people were sweating waiting in line. They had a few chairs along the outside areas of the lines but very few and none for the inner areas of the lines. If you had something like a knee injury you were very fortunate to have found a place to sit. However, they had about 3 rows of 5 chairs for the senior citizens who couldn't stand in line. I should mention that those chairs were only full the first 30 minutes I was there. The rest of the time those chairs were empty and definitely could have been used by everyone else. On to the voting machines....there were only 5. Only 5 freakin' machines. Well, most of the time. One kept breaking down and in fact there was a guy that was trying to use one that complained rather loudly that it wasn't calibrated well and he took out his phone to snap photos of it. They started in on him and how he couldn't use his phone but under these circumstances he was very adamant about taking a photo of the messed up machine because he felt it was not fair to let people continue to use it when it was selecting the wrong person.

It was completely frustrating to say the least. They really need to get their act together. It shouldn't take people 2 hours (and in some areas 7+ hours) to vote. I think more voting machines are needed in each voting place. I think they should all be furnished with water bottles, snacks, seating, and most importantly good ventilation! Do I ask for too much?