Sunday, October 7, 2012

What you don't read could possibly, kinda, sorta, maybe kill you...maybe...

So this last bit of weather that moved through brought with it rain all day Saturday and cold air! I'll admit I am definitely a lover of fall and winter weather however, it was 69 degrees in the house yesterday and we knew it was time to switch over to heat. We hadn't cleaned out our furnace yet though. Off to Walmart we went at 8 at night because I wasn't about to spend the rest of the night freezing my butt off in our house. We got new filters and some canned air to spray out some of the dust that collected in the furnace crevices since last winter. So here I was wiping down the furnace cover with a rag, standing next to my DH while he is using this canned air to spray and all of a sudden it gets hard for me to breathe. I get this weird taste in the back of my throat shortly afterwards and finally put my rag down, step away from the furnace cover and declare to my DH that I couldn't do it anymore. He asked me what was going on and I explained to him that it felt like I couldn't breathe very well. He asked if it tasted chemically in the back of my throat and I said yes. He tasted the same thing! So we stopped for a while thinking we had just almost killed ourselves with this canned air that was made in China. At the least, he thought we might do some hallucinating. Me on the otherhand, I was sure we had killed years off our lives and possibly done some lung damage too. We tried everything to get that taste out of our mouths but it just wouldn't go away. Finally, an hour later, after spending that long thinking we had just doomed ourselves, my DH picks up the canned air and laughs. I said, "What's so funny?". He brings the can to me and says, "Read this.". In tiny little (and I mean TINY) letters on the side of the can it says that it contains a bittering agent to keep people from abusing it by inhaling. O-M-G Crap! We spent about an hour thinking we were going to suffer the rest of our lives over some chemical crap we inhaled when it was just a preventative measure that did, after over 2 hours, fade away from the back of our throats. I can laugh about that now. In fact, it makes me chuckle thinking about it. However, buyer beware and be sure to read ALL information on the items you purchase. Especially canned air!

Oh what an evening, but we got that heat going! :)