Saturday, July 28, 2012

One act of kindness and a thousand thank yous.

Sometimes there are people that you cross paths with who take you by complete surprise and make you feel honored to have met them. I have always been a big supporter of acts of kindness, random or not, and they don't have to be huge acts. In fact, the small ones seem to make biggest impressions, in my opinion. I ran across such a person tonight.

I won a giveaway back in May for a box of middle grade books. I sent off my mailing address in great anticipation of getting this box of books. I recently found out it had been mailed but I never received it. The woman who runs the blog for the books has been extremely nice with me in email but I just thought I would have to disappointingly chalk it up to lost mail. However...tonight I received an email from her saying she went out and bought the books again and will send them to me again.

I was completely flabbergasted and speechless. I think it completely took me by surprise because I do realize that she does not have to do this for me. It was out of the kindness of her heart that she took it upon herself to send the package to me again. I am grateful that she is doing this and cannot express enough how much this act of kindness has affected me.

Maybe it sounds silly to you when you read it but to me it was wonderful and made my night.

A thousand thank yous to this woman.

Update: Books arrived today (09/10/12) safe and sound. Yay!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

My thoughts were loud.

Well, my thoughts must have been loud enough because today we had rain! No, really. It rained! I was very skeptical because it looked as though it would either fizzle out or go around us again. However, it pushed right through the city and now our ground is soaked with that wonderful thing called water. How awesome! Of course, it's now hot and muggy....but hey I won't be too picky. One thing at a time.

"Into each life some rain must fall"

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said it best when he said, "Into each life some rain must fall...".
Where is the rain???

Woo-wee! It's been so hot here. The temperatures have been pretty high and even when they aren't high the heat index is high. I feel like I am stepping into an oven each time I take my dog outside. When will we get rain?? The forecast is storms today however that forecast has been broken the past couple of times there were storms in the area. Oh sure, we get the loud thunder and the gorgeous lightening but do we get the wet stuff with it? Not just no but oh hell no! I recently watched a storm that covered half the state move down towards us only to split in half just before it hit us and go around us on both side! I've begged and pleaded with my friends in eastern Texas to send some rain our way but to no avail... I'd get out there and do a rain dance if I thought it would help but I would have to be 100% sure because my neighbors would think I'd gone crazy.

Oh rain, wherefore art thou?

Sunday, July 8, 2012

"How in the world did I ever stand it that long?"

The 4th of July was our 8th wedding anniversary. Eight's hard to believe it has been that long. We kid each other every single anniversary by saying, "Wow it's been (8) years since we got married. How in the world did I ever stand it that long!" Of course, I am kidding and the fact that he is still around suggests to me that he is definitely kidding too. Haha We've had some rough times but we have also had some really wonderful times together and in all honesty it doesn't feel like it has been that long. I guess that is a good sign, huh?

This year we chose to spend our day with my parents. They wanted to take us out to eat and while we didn't get to go where they originally wanted to take us (closed for the 4th), we did have a wonderful time and I am so glad we were able to spend it with them.