Monday, June 11, 2012

Update on Prizes

To update on the previous post, it took a while to get the prizes but that is perfectly fine. I got this beautiful Jeanne Lottie purse in a sort of sea foam green color. Absolutely gorgeous and a very well made purse I might add. Loads of pocket room which is excellent and it came with a very gorgeous little charm in the shape of a purse. Oh, and what really impressed me was they sent along a Jeanne Lottie bag and tissue paper in case I wanted to give it as a gift. So overall I was very pleased with the prize and the sponsors.

The other prize I won was actually 3 prizes in one (yay!). It was 2 gift cards and.....drum roll....a pearl necklace from Pearl Paradise! O-M-G, right?!? I was so thrilled! It arrived in a beautiful box with a paper that showed its appraisal value. Another prize I was beyond thrilled with! I enjoyed one of the gift cards but the other one never showed up. I did contact the place I won it from and they in turn contacted the sponsor but the reality of it was that I didn't want to keep harassing the lady I won it from and there wasn't anything she could do expect contact the sponsor (which the sponsor apparently never replied anyway). So, while it kinda bummed me out that I did not get that last gift card, I would say I was extremely happy overall and was so thrilled with the patience the lady had with me and the gift card issues.

And that my friends was a good win streak there. :)
Thank you to all those involved who helped see it through from start to finish.