Saturday, December 29, 2012

Resolutions and More

Classes have been out for winter break for a few weeks now and I've been catching up on being lazy. Oh how nice it's been!

So not too long ago I made a comment wishing it would snow. I mean, it's not like it snows a lot here. In fact, last winter wasn't exactly...winter. Five days after my comment, it snowed! It was about 7" of snow. I know, some might be thinking that's just a light dusting, right? Well, it was a freakin' miracle to me! And it was on Christmas day! I haven't had a white Christmas in so long. It was absolutely wonderful.

The only downside to it was that thousands of people lost their electricity. Including my parents. So they crashed here for about 4 days and they finally got power back and went home. It was nice though to be able to give them to option to come stay and the visit was nice.

Now, I'm just biding my time until classes start again.

Oh, that and waiting around for new years. Do you make resolutions? I don't and haven't made them in many years. I just feel that if you are going to resolve to do something, then do it. Why does it have to be the first of the year to make a resolution? Let's not forget that many people make these resolutions only to forget about them a month later. This just means you aren't ready to get it done. Then you end up feeling bad about not following through with it. Why put yourself through that? When you are ready to do something, you will do it.

Just my two cents on the whole thing.

Monday, December 17, 2012

PetPals Program Rocks!

This is a little late because of the Holiday and end of classes but I was finally able to get it done! Yay!

Once again, I'm back to chat about the PetPals program and how wonderful it was! Can you tell I enjoy it? If you are new and don't know what PetPals is, just read a few more posts down for more information and a link to the site!

This time around I was paired up with a woman named Desi and her dog King. An adorable dog I might add. :)

Toby had many nice goodies in his box! Here is what he was sent this time around.

2 packages of PupCorn
1 package of Tiny Bonz
1 package of Dentastix
1 raw hide
1 ring chew toy

I don't know how Toby knows...wait, perhaps he smells the food. No matter, he just knows when that package is for him. Here's a photo of him digging around in the box once I got it open for him.

Toby digging in his goodie box.

Can you guess what his favorite item in this box was? :)

Toby snatching the Tiny Bonz out of my hand!

 It started out fine. I let him dig around and when I pulled the Tiny Bonz package out of the box he rushed over and grabbed them from me! Right out of my hand! Rotten boy!

Here he is dragging the package around on the floor.
He would run around with the package of Tiny Bonz in his mouth and shake it, stopping occasionally to try and paw it open. And no matter how much I called for him to bring them to me so I could open them he just wasn't listening. I eventually had to run him down to get the bag away from him. Haha Silly dog!

He loved all the snacks and the toy that Desi and King sent him! The only thing he couldn't have was the raw hide because he tends to eat it whole. However, his little cousin (my brother's younger Chiweenie, Bo) happily chewed on it in his place. It's been a blast! I met a wonderful woman and her adorable little dog and got to shop for him, too! Thank you, Jenna, for yet another monthly PetPals! On to the next, I say!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

PetPals: Blogger/Reader Program - Second Time Around

So here it is, my second month of participation in the PetPals Program. If you are not sure of what it is go to my first post for more information: 1st Post. The only thing that has changed is that you are paired with just one person now instead of two.

I ran into a small issue in the beginning with my partner not responding. However, let me just say that Jenna is more than willing to assist you with this if it ever happens to you. I was paired with someone else because their partner did not respond either. It was quick and with enough time to get the goodies and get them in the mail.

I was paired with a person named Jeremy. He has an adorable little puppy named Nora, whom I enjoyed shopping for. As for Toby, he seemed to think he made out like a bandit. He was definitely happy with the items Jeremy sent him.

Here is Toby staring me down as I hold the unopened the package.
When it arrived, he went nuts!

If you think I am exaggerating, I'm sure this photo shows you I am not.
Here he is trying to tear open the box with his teeth.

He received a very creative gift package. It was Thanksgiving themed! I just thought that was so neat and to be honest I never thought to do packages that way. (Thank you, Jeremy, for the awesome idea!) Toby received a turkey leg squeaky toy, a package of Natural Balance (Turkey, Duck, Chicken, & Pumpkin in a Gravy), a little tube of Natural Balance (Turkey), a very adorable little slipper squeaky toy, a package of PupCorn Cheese Flavored popcorn, a Lickety Stik (Bacon), and a little bouncy ball.

 The wonderful food selection he was sent.

I took a video of him with the turkey leg because it was just too funny not to. He ran all over the place just squeaking it over and over and over. It was so adorable!

His slipper, well, he carried that thing around with him everywhere he went. He even took it to bed with him! Our bed! (We have a California King so there is plenty of room for him to sleep in the middle of us between our heads. Also, after the whole spider thing I wrote about in my blog....well..."momma" doesn't want him sleeping on the floor at night!)

Toby with his slipper in our bed.

He's also enjoying the food. The popcorn makes a great snack for him and he loves his snacks (and food in general) The soft foods are great for me because I usually mix him dry and wet food together for his meals. You're probably thinking I forgot to mention the ball right? The ball, ah the ball, I cannot find the ball. I took it out and he played with it a couple of times then he would pick it up in his mouth and toss his head up and release the ball. He was doing that for a good few minutes then he was done and in my lap. However, we cannot find the ball. I know it will turn up somewhere, especially when he wants to try to find it, but for now it is floating around in the abyss of our home somewhere. (Update: As of just before posting this, the ball has been found underneath the bookshelf and he is now happily playing with it again.)

What a wonderful experience, once again! If you haven't taken part in PetPals yet, I definitely recommend doing so!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Voting is hectic

I'm taking extra classes this semester and it's proven to be a rather busy semester. I'm fine with that. It's what I wanted. I just didn't get to post this directly after I voted.

Did you vote? I did. I stood in line for 2 hours in a tiny warehouse-auditorium of a church. The line was wrapped around 3 times inside when I got there and by the time I was near the end to vote it was wrapped 7 times. Just picture a snake all twisted and wrapped inside a little box. Yes, that is what it was like. They were completely unprepared. I know this because one of the lady's doing sign in made a comment to another saying that she had never seen the lines like that before. The warehouse building was the type that they used for a gathering and had rooms attached to it but there were only 4 large fan/vents one on each wall and there was a large sliding door like warehouses usually have. Did I mention none of the fans were on? None. Did I also mention that the warehouse sliding door wasn't even open in the slightest? No, it sure wasn't. Did I forget to mention that it was hotter than heck in there? Yes, it was so hot people were sweating waiting in line. They had a few chairs along the outside areas of the lines but very few and none for the inner areas of the lines. If you had something like a knee injury you were very fortunate to have found a place to sit. However, they had about 3 rows of 5 chairs for the senior citizens who couldn't stand in line. I should mention that those chairs were only full the first 30 minutes I was there. The rest of the time those chairs were empty and definitely could have been used by everyone else. On to the voting machines....there were only 5. Only 5 freakin' machines. Well, most of the time. One kept breaking down and in fact there was a guy that was trying to use one that complained rather loudly that it wasn't calibrated well and he took out his phone to snap photos of it. They started in on him and how he couldn't use his phone but under these circumstances he was very adamant about taking a photo of the messed up machine because he felt it was not fair to let people continue to use it when it was selecting the wrong person.

It was completely frustrating to say the least. They really need to get their act together. It shouldn't take people 2 hours (and in some areas 7+ hours) to vote. I think more voting machines are needed in each voting place. I think they should all be furnished with water bottles, snacks, seating, and most importantly good ventilation! Do I ask for too much?

Monday, November 5, 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

PetPals: Blogger/Reader Program Goodies!

This month I participated in the most amazing activity! It's called PetPals: Blogger/Reader Program and was put together by Jenna over at Momma Told Me blog. Yes, you read that correctly. It's Blogger/Reader, meaning you do NOT have to be a blogger to join in the fun! You just have to have a dog or a cat.

Basically what happens is you get paired up with someone else who has a pet and exchange information about your cat or dog. Then you go out and get a few goodies for their pet and ship it to them. The beauty of it all is that there IS a max amount you can spend ($15). Amazing, right? You not only get to meet new people and learn about their wonderful and interesting furbabies but you also get to do a little bit of shopping for them without breaking the bank! I don't know about you but I love shopping for people! Oh, and you get paired with two different people so that someone sends you something and you send something to someone else. Anyway, once it's all done all you have to do is write about your experience with the program. So, here is how my experience went:

First, I have to say I was super excited about this the moment I ran across it! I received an email from someone requesting  information about our lovely little guy, Toby. Her name is Constance. She was absolutely wonderful to be paired up with and was very polite to me. She seemed just as excited to get goodies for Toby as I was to participate!

I have to tell you, she picked the perfect goodies too! For his gifts, he received 3 awesome items. A chew toy and 2 treats. As I was opening the package he was right there in my lap trying to get into the box with that cute little nose. He just knew it was meant for him!

His first gift was a Nylabone DuraChew. I'd show you a before picture but he wouldn't let me get one. He wanted it right away! So, here he is enjoying his bone.

Here's one of him going to town on the toy.

And here's another. As you can tell, he was in heaven!

He also received some really cute Halloween cookies and something called Bison Tendy Chewz. I've never heard of those before but they must have been good because the bag did not sit on the table for too long.

My favorite holiday is Halloween so we know I just loved the Halloween Frankenstein cookies. It has been so much fun participating in PetPals. It's inexpensive and a wonderful way to meet new people who have at least one thing in common with you....the love of a pet.

Thank you, Constance, for making this such a memorable first PetPals for me and for our little guy, Toby. I'm sure if he could, he'd give you plenty of thank yous for setting him up so well!

Last but not least, thank you, Jenna, for putting together such a unique and fun program.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

What you don't read could possibly, kinda, sorta, maybe kill you...maybe...

So this last bit of weather that moved through brought with it rain all day Saturday and cold air! I'll admit I am definitely a lover of fall and winter weather however, it was 69 degrees in the house yesterday and we knew it was time to switch over to heat. We hadn't cleaned out our furnace yet though. Off to Walmart we went at 8 at night because I wasn't about to spend the rest of the night freezing my butt off in our house. We got new filters and some canned air to spray out some of the dust that collected in the furnace crevices since last winter. So here I was wiping down the furnace cover with a rag, standing next to my DH while he is using this canned air to spray and all of a sudden it gets hard for me to breathe. I get this weird taste in the back of my throat shortly afterwards and finally put my rag down, step away from the furnace cover and declare to my DH that I couldn't do it anymore. He asked me what was going on and I explained to him that it felt like I couldn't breathe very well. He asked if it tasted chemically in the back of my throat and I said yes. He tasted the same thing! So we stopped for a while thinking we had just almost killed ourselves with this canned air that was made in China. At the least, he thought we might do some hallucinating. Me on the otherhand, I was sure we had killed years off our lives and possibly done some lung damage too. We tried everything to get that taste out of our mouths but it just wouldn't go away. Finally, an hour later, after spending that long thinking we had just doomed ourselves, my DH picks up the canned air and laughs. I said, "What's so funny?". He brings the can to me and says, "Read this.". In tiny little (and I mean TINY) letters on the side of the can it says that it contains a bittering agent to keep people from abusing it by inhaling. O-M-G Crap! We spent about an hour thinking we were going to suffer the rest of our lives over some chemical crap we inhaled when it was just a preventative measure that did, after over 2 hours, fade away from the back of our throats. I can laugh about that now. In fact, it makes me chuckle thinking about it. However, buyer beware and be sure to read ALL information on the items you purchase. Especially canned air!

Oh what an evening, but we got that heat going! :)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday stuff

Lazy days are the best! We did our grocery shopping yesterday which left us with being lazy today. How nice! Tomorrow is dinner with the parents because soon enough classes will start again leaving us with a full schedule. Come to think of it, they start in just a little over a week now. I can't decide how to feel about that. I have about 3 more semesters after this one before I graduate. Which, if you knew how long I've been in college classes (due to unforeseen difficulties), you would say it's about time!

Our adorable dog, Toby, has learned a new trick! See, DH occasionally has Toby grab things of ours to bring to him and in return Toby gets a treat. Today Toby brought DH his shoes and he didn't even ask him to bring them. Ha! I think I can say with absolute certainty that our very intelligent dog has figured out how to get treats when he wants them. If you don't think dogs are smart, you would be wrong.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

One act of kindness and a thousand thank yous.

Sometimes there are people that you cross paths with who take you by complete surprise and make you feel honored to have met them. I have always been a big supporter of acts of kindness, random or not, and they don't have to be huge acts. In fact, the small ones seem to make biggest impressions, in my opinion. I ran across such a person tonight.

I won a giveaway back in May for a box of middle grade books. I sent off my mailing address in great anticipation of getting this box of books. I recently found out it had been mailed but I never received it. The woman who runs the blog for the books has been extremely nice with me in email but I just thought I would have to disappointingly chalk it up to lost mail. However...tonight I received an email from her saying she went out and bought the books again and will send them to me again.

I was completely flabbergasted and speechless. I think it completely took me by surprise because I do realize that she does not have to do this for me. It was out of the kindness of her heart that she took it upon herself to send the package to me again. I am grateful that she is doing this and cannot express enough how much this act of kindness has affected me.

Maybe it sounds silly to you when you read it but to me it was wonderful and made my night.

A thousand thank yous to this woman.

Update: Books arrived today (09/10/12) safe and sound. Yay!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

My thoughts were loud.

Well, my thoughts must have been loud enough because today we had rain! No, really. It rained! I was very skeptical because it looked as though it would either fizzle out or go around us again. However, it pushed right through the city and now our ground is soaked with that wonderful thing called water. How awesome! Of course, it's now hot and muggy....but hey I won't be too picky. One thing at a time.

"Into each life some rain must fall"

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said it best when he said, "Into each life some rain must fall...".
Where is the rain???

Woo-wee! It's been so hot here. The temperatures have been pretty high and even when they aren't high the heat index is high. I feel like I am stepping into an oven each time I take my dog outside. When will we get rain?? The forecast is storms today however that forecast has been broken the past couple of times there were storms in the area. Oh sure, we get the loud thunder and the gorgeous lightening but do we get the wet stuff with it? Not just no but oh hell no! I recently watched a storm that covered half the state move down towards us only to split in half just before it hit us and go around us on both side! I've begged and pleaded with my friends in eastern Texas to send some rain our way but to no avail... I'd get out there and do a rain dance if I thought it would help but I would have to be 100% sure because my neighbors would think I'd gone crazy.

Oh rain, wherefore art thou?

Sunday, July 8, 2012

"How in the world did I ever stand it that long?"

The 4th of July was our 8th wedding anniversary. Eight's hard to believe it has been that long. We kid each other every single anniversary by saying, "Wow it's been (8) years since we got married. How in the world did I ever stand it that long!" Of course, I am kidding and the fact that he is still around suggests to me that he is definitely kidding too. Haha We've had some rough times but we have also had some really wonderful times together and in all honesty it doesn't feel like it has been that long. I guess that is a good sign, huh?

This year we chose to spend our day with my parents. They wanted to take us out to eat and while we didn't get to go where they originally wanted to take us (closed for the 4th), we did have a wonderful time and I am so glad we were able to spend it with them.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Some Things Never Change

So I was filling out a Rafflecopter for a giveaway and one of the questions they asked me was what was my favorite thing to do during the summer. I have to say reading is my favorite. I had to think about it for a bit but really, it is. I spend spring and fall reading 2 or more textbooks at a time and am all too glad to give them up when summer comes around. Ok, I know what you might be thinking. "Why on earth would you want to read more?" Well, I have always loved reading. I contribute my love of books to my need of glasses to this day. When I was younger and sharing a room with my OLDER sister I read with the lights off and barely a bit of moonlight coming through the window. Notice where I capped the word older? Yes, this explains the lights out part. It was her way or no way. In her eyes it was her bedroom and she was tolerating me in it. (We get along wonderful these days since we don't have to share a room or a house! Haha) So anyway, this was what I did. I read everything I could get my hands on. I remember in elementary school there was this book fair that came around once a year. Oh, man! You talk about excited! I had this little paper that contained a list of all the books that would be there and I would take it home and circle then re-circle all the books that I dreamed I would get. In the end, I usually walked away with about 2-3 books out of the many I picked but I was pretty happy to get them. Fast-forward to today, I still love books, of course. This time however, they accumulate on my kindle and kindle iPhone app and my ever-growing list of books I want to read are safely tucked away on my Amazon list in cyberland.

Some things never change.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Update on Prizes

To update on the previous post, it took a while to get the prizes but that is perfectly fine. I got this beautiful Jeanne Lottie purse in a sort of sea foam green color. Absolutely gorgeous and a very well made purse I might add. Loads of pocket room which is excellent and it came with a very gorgeous little charm in the shape of a purse. Oh, and what really impressed me was they sent along a Jeanne Lottie bag and tissue paper in case I wanted to give it as a gift. So overall I was very pleased with the prize and the sponsors.

The other prize I won was actually 3 prizes in one (yay!). It was 2 gift cards and.....drum roll....a pearl necklace from Pearl Paradise! O-M-G, right?!? I was so thrilled! It arrived in a beautiful box with a paper that showed its appraisal value. Another prize I was beyond thrilled with! I enjoyed one of the gift cards but the other one never showed up. I did contact the place I won it from and they in turn contacted the sponsor but the reality of it was that I didn't want to keep harassing the lady I won it from and there wasn't anything she could do expect contact the sponsor (which the sponsor apparently never replied anyway). So, while it kinda bummed me out that I did not get that last gift card, I would say I was extremely happy overall and was so thrilled with the patience the lady had with me and the gift card issues.

And that my friends was a good win streak there. :)
Thank you to all those involved who helped see it through from start to finish.

Monday, March 12, 2012

O-M-G I won!

My year is starting to turn around for me. I found out I won 2 giveaways last week and I am just beyond happy because they are two GREAT giveaways! I'll probably post a little more on them later once I get the prizes. But until then....

*Happy Dance* :-D

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Another cold bites the dust...

Wow, it has taken me several months to get over all that I had. The illnesses just piled on me one after another and I was beginning to wonder if I would ever remember what it was like not to be sick/ill/in pain! Ah but thanks to the wonders of knock-you-out drugs, I was able to sleep, sleep, sleep and let my body recoup.

I've missed a ton of classes this semester because of all that crap but luckily I have been able to keep pretty decent grades so far.

Score is 1-0 - Cheers to Team 'White-Blood-Cells'! :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Sick Vacation

Despite what it looks like, I have not given up on updating this blog. I just took a little to speak. Classes ended for the semester and in trailed the Holidays shortly thereafter. In the past month I've gotten sick twice. Some sort of bug going around and it's hard to get rid of. Both times I wasn't the one who brought it into the house *ahem*. Yet both times it made its rounds to me. So really, there hasn't been any major happenings around the house....and classes for the next semester have started up. I'll be updating a bit more once I get well.