Monday, September 19, 2011

To weave a Friendship Bracelet...or maybe not.

It's been a long several weeks for me. I've started Fall classes and the newer schedule has kept me hopping! I'm enjoying it though.

So,  I follow other blogs and I sign up for giveaways. Yes, giveaways. It's fun to do though it can get time consuming. I've had to slack off a bit while I get use to juggling my new class schedules but am slowly entering more and more of them. I came across one that reminded me of a simple, yet fun, childhood memory. I ran across a giveaway for a Friendship Bracelet Maker. Now, first let me just say, this is the cutest thing ever! I do wish I had one like this when I was younger.

(Cue the Childhood Memory Scene)

When I was in my early to middle teens it was a HUGE fad to make these bracelets. The only difference is that we didn't have the luxury of this neat little gadget. We would pick the string colors we wanted. Tie them into a knot. Get that trusty old safety pin out and poke it through the knot at the top of the strings. After stabbing a finger or two and a little blood loss we would then attach the safety pin (which is attached to the strings) to, in my instance, a beautiful bed spread cover. Then the fun part comes with the weaving of the strings. I don't recall ever having patterns to follow and to keep the strings separate we'd have to do some very intricate finger separating. It was fun, did I mention that! No kidding. Ah the memories.....and the countless hours spent unwrapping the bracelet over tiny little mistakes. It sure did teach me patience!