Saturday, September 24, 2011

How loud was it? was so loud, if I were in the back bedroom I would have heard it.

At least, I could swear I would have.

Last night our dog wanted to get up on the bed. He is a short dog, a Chiweenie dog named Toby. So when he tried to jump up he missed and decided to try jumping up again. Unfortunately, at this point in time my DH decided he wanted to help. As he reached down to grab Toby, Toby jumped up and WHAM! they met in the middle of stride....with their heads. I kid you not when I say that you could hear the thump as they collided! Toby seemed unfazed (correctly spelled!) by it all and finally got on the bed like he wanted. My DH was holding his head. He hurt but was more concerned about Toby, thinking something horrible would happen to him. And I was worried about both of them, thinking gloom and doom things (yeah, really, it hurt him that bad!). Of course, they are both just fine today. DH just can't run his finger across his head. Seems he has a tiny sensitive (bruised) spot now. So every now and then I hear an "ohh!" coming from his direction as he accidentally runs his fingers atop the area. Poor guy!