Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm 98% sure it's in the trash.

We have had our share of ants this summer and I really thought they would be the biggest issue for us. I was so wrong. So very wrong. Two nights ago I was going to bed and my DH had already gone to bed. As I walked into the bedroom, there at my feet was a GIANT spider. Okay, to some I might be exaggerating but I promise it wasn't a little grass spider. We think it was a wolf spider. So here I am frozen at the door with a spider sitting on the floor at the foot of my bed. I call to my DH while trying to hold our dog so he doesn't chase after the thing. Half asleep my DH grabs the nearest thing he can and sets aim for the spider....and misses. Well, he did get its leg but it managed to pull away and run. Spiders are fast. Are we not in agreement with that? So it takes off towards the dresser and a bag of papers. My DH swears up and down that night that the spider ran into the bag (which was soon thrown in the garbage outside). Convinced that this thing will hunt us down now, I have my DH, my loving DH move furniture around and spray and check a MILLION times just to be sure. No spider. STILL not convinced it ran into that bag that is outside now, I tell him I am leaving the lights on and letting our dog sleep with us. Ever the loving person he is he sleeps, probably quite roughly, with the lights on. See this is why we have been together for 7 years....because he knows the right times to let me have my freakout moments. Sadly though, it's two nights later and I guarantee you I will be sleeping with the lights on again. This time though I have compromised and will keep my bedside lamp on. As if somehow this tiny magical light will keep those hungry fangs at bay, those hungry fangs of a spider that probably really did go into that bag long gone to the garbage days ago. I imagine in a few more days I can sleep through the night without checking for creepy crawlers. For now though, at least I can walk through the bedroom now without staring too long at the carpet! I'd say that's progress. :)